We need to take our party back

We need to take our party back. There are more of us than there are of them. We are underestimating ourselves every day.

The Democratic Party is the party of the people. These neocons don’t own it – we do.

When Bernie says, “When millions of people stand together”, or “Don’t let Trump and his friends divide us up, let’s stand together…” – I believe that means that we should be united in our effort as liberals and progressives to take over the Democratic Party again.

That’s what Our Revolution is about – getting people to run for office all over the country, getting new blood back into the party, putting the neocons out of a job.

Having been a Democrat through 12 presidential elections, I hate what is happening to my party; but rather than turn and run, I want to fight to get it back.

Citizens United is largely at fault. We CAN do something about it, but only if we stand together. Splintering has gotten us nowhere. It got us Trump. The Democratic Party can be reclaimed and rebuilt IF all liberals and progressives unite. Otherwise, the effort is futile and will never move forward.

Most of the current neocons in the party right now are either directly or indirectly part of the neocon clan and they are both intimidated by them, but enamored by them at the same time. The superdelegates who were on board with Clinton probably had a secret (or not-so-secret) hope that they would get a job with Hillary once she was elected. Shame on all of them!

“The only viable path for the left is a takeover of the Democratic party.”
A Third Party is Not Going to Replace the Democrats—The Left Needs to Fight From Within
credit: @WalkerBragman

Work in progress – let me know your thoughts.

In solidarity.


Were We Infiltrated?

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I am all in with Bernie Sanders. I am no fan of Hillary Clinton and I never have been. But I did hold my nose and vote for her in the general election in an effort to do my part to block Trump.

Yes, the people at the DNC violated the bylaws in favor of Hillary and they sabotaged Bernie. We all know that. What they did is despicable.
Debbie Wasserman-Schulz, John Podesta, Donna Brazile, and others are not forgivable but they are no longer at the DNC and we can only hope that together Tom Perez and Keith Ellison will rebuild and revamp it into a strong and progressive committee. We must move forward together if we are to regain seats. This is urgent!

The emails were real. Most people don’t care about who hacked them. In one sense, it doesn’t matter. If your partner cheats on you and then an anonymous person sends you the evidence of those cheating text messages, you don’t care who that anonymous person is – it’s the text messages that matter.

In a larger sense, however, it might matter. If there was Russian collusion to make Trump our president, then these emails could have been just a very lucky find for those Russians to help defeat Hillary. Maybe.

You have you ask yourself one very important question:
Since the DNC was obviously hacked in the spring, why weren’t those emails released right away so it could have helped Bernie? (This question has been ringing in my ears since the emails were released.)

Theory: Because Bernie Sanders was the more viable candidate and Trump wanted to run against Hillary.

Why did Guccifer 2.0 prefer Trump? And how is he connected to Wikileaks? And why did he wait until July 22 to release the DNC emails?

Was it Russia?
As more evidence is being revealed that Team Trump seems very chummy with Putin, it seems possible it could have been Russians. But does it matter? And will we ever know? It’s all speculation. Let a special prosecutor or a special council work on that.

This issue is quite convoluted. It’s a lot like a three-ring circus. This might be why we have some difficulty seeing how some of it fits together. The issue at hand is whether or not social media sites that were allegedly in support of Bernie Sanders were set up by or infiltrated by people who did not support Bernie.

There were many social media sites and twitter users, that were set up solely as a ruse. They pretended to be pro-Bernie but were actually only anti-Hillary (and thereby pro-Trump). 

It wasn’t Rachel Maddow who led me to this conclusion. Sorry, but I don’t watch her. In September 2016, I discovered that one Facebook page in particular, “Bernie Sanders Lovers”, was owned by a kid in Kosovo who also owned the clickbait website Bients. That FB page was posting nothing but Hillary hate and Stein promotional posts.  *
FB: Bernie Sanders – Not For Sale (post)

Pause. Think. The end game for many of these pages was to funnel votes away from Hillary. Yes, Hillary and her supporters made themselves fair game throughout the election cycle.  The discussion about Hillary, her online supporters, and Correct the Record trolls could go on for days. This post isn’t about that.  But she was the only viable candidate who could defeat Trump once she was nominated.

Enter Jill Stein. Some of these sites that had initially been putting themselves out as Bernie support pages started promoting Demexit and hoisting up Jill Stein towards the end of the primaries.

AND THEN they became Stein support pages.  And this is the important part – they became “Never Hillary” pages. People were recruited. These pages might have helped Trump win the election with their “Never Hillary” message.

Bernie Sanders tried to convince people to vote for Clinton in an effort to block Trump.
He was being sincere, regardless of what anyone says. 

A major Sanders organizer in Southern California, John Mattes says “we were played.”

Noting that Sanders supports efforts to weed out the Facebook attackers, Mattes said that unless legislative mechanisms are created to stop it, “they will do it again.”


* UPDATE: September 14, 2017
Today I discovered an online piece that reinforces this info and what is posted on the Facebook page:
Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Faced A Fake News Tsunami. Where Did It Come From?


This post was written on-the-fly, is a work in progress, and is subject to updates later.


In solidarity!

We must move forward together

If there is ever to be any hope of taking away seats from the Republicans, the only way to do that is to unify.

We must unify, and we must do it now. Our differences of the past need to be left in the past, regardless of any pain that might still exist.

For us to continue to rehash each and every offense – real &/or perceived – is not only an effort in futility, but it is damaging to the cause and to ourselves as individuals.

Splintering has gotten us nowhere. It got us Trump. We cannot be divided any longer. We cannot discuss demexit or third parties or new parties or any other off-shoots. It’s up to us to take what already exists and pump new life into it.

The Democratic Party can be strong if all liberals and progressives unite. All other efforts are just nilly-willy and will never move forward.

Mistakes were made. Some were errors of omission, some were much more egregious. Comparing and debating them helps nobody, least of all the party. It weakens and diminishes each of us individually, and as a group that needs to be readying itself to take on the Republicans (not one another).

Playing tit-for-tat is most often only a game that is a fallacy of relative privation.

And please, let’s stop saying Bernie is not a Democrat. It is irrelevant. In his home state of Vermont, there is no party registration. He has voted with the party more often than the average Democrat (95 percent of the time opposed to 80 percent). He has held positions in Democratic committees.

By the way, the Democratic Party appointed Bernie the Chair of Outreach in November 2016.

This is a call to action. I implore you to make a personal commitment to doing all you can to help rebuild the party, to help to stop the negativism, and to sharing this message with others so we can all work together.

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“There is no more neutrality in the world.
You either have to be part of the solution,
or you’re going to be part of the problem.”

In Solidarity!

A Third Party is Not Going to Replace the Democrats

The only viable path for the left is a takeover of the Democratic party

A Third Party is Not Going to Replace the Democrats
– The Left Needs to Fight From Within

“The idea that the Democratic Party is beyond reform, and thus a new party is necessary, is popular among disenchanted progressives, angry over the skewed primary that handed Hillary Clinton the nomination, and Donald Trump the presidency. Embodied by the hashtag #DemExit, these sentiments are understandable, but they are also misguided.”

Progressives must unite

“For those who wish to see progressive change, the only viable path right now is to take back control of the Democratic Party from the establishment. And the only way to do that by unifying.”

“In purely pragmatic terms, this is the easier path to accomplish progressive goals – capturing the Democrats’ existing infrastructure and built-in voter base – than it is to start a new party from scratch. After all, the left will need a broad coalition to actually win national elections.”


credit: Walker Bragman