We must move forward together

If there is ever to be any hope of taking away seats from the Republicans, the only way to do that is to unify.

We must unify, and we must do it now. Our differences of the past need to be left in the past, regardless of any pain that might still exist.

For us to continue to rehash each and every offense – real &/or perceived – is not only an effort in futility, but it is damaging to the cause and to ourselves as individuals.

Splintering has gotten us nowhere. It got us Trump. We cannot be divided any longer. We cannot discuss demexit or third parties or new parties or any other off-shoots. It’s up to us to take what already exists and pump new life into it.

The Democratic Party can be strong if all liberals and progressives unite. All other efforts are just nilly-willy and will never move forward.

Mistakes were made. Some were errors of omission, some were much more egregious. Comparing and debating them helps nobody, least of all the party. It weakens and diminishes each of us individually, and as a group that needs to be readying itself to take on the Republicans (not one another).

Playing tit-for-tat is most often only a game that is a fallacy of relative privation.

And please, let’s stop saying Bernie is not a Democrat. It is irrelevant. In his home state of Vermont, there is no party registration. He has voted with the party more often than the average Democrat (95 percent of the time opposed to 80 percent). He has held positions in Democratic committees.

By the way, the Democratic Party appointed Bernie the Chair of Outreach in November 2016.

This is a call to action. I implore you to make a personal commitment to doing all you can to help rebuild the party, to help to stop the negativism, and to sharing this message with others so we can all work together.

Solution Problem button 2

“There is no more¬†neutrality in the world.
You either have to be part of the solution,
or you’re going to be part of the problem.”

In Solidarity!


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