A Third Party is Not Going to Replace the Democrats

The only viable path for the left is a takeover of the Democratic party

A Third Party is Not Going to Replace the Democrats
– The Left Needs to Fight From Within

“The idea that the Democratic Party is beyond reform, and thus a new party is necessary, is popular among disenchanted progressives, angry over the skewed primary that handed Hillary Clinton the nomination, and Donald Trump the presidency. Embodied by the hashtag #DemExit, these sentiments are understandable, but they are also misguided.”

Progressives must unite

“For those who wish to see progressive change, the only viable path right now is to take back control of the Democratic Party from the establishment. And the only way to do that by unifying.”

“In purely pragmatic terms, this is the easier path to accomplish progressive goals – capturing the Democrats’ existing infrastructure and built-in voter base – than it is to start a new party from scratch. After all, the left will need a broad coalition to actually win national elections.”


credit: Walker Bragman




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