Bernie & Jane’s Real Estate

Yes, Bernie and Jane Sanders purchased a third home in August 2016. At a reported $575K.
So what?

Jane had inherited a lake house in Maine that had been in her family since 1900 and which they rarely had an opportunity to visit.
They sold that property and reinvested the proceeds to purchase the modest summer house on Lake Champlain. Reinvesting the proceeds of a real estate sale is also what intelligent people do in order to avoid ungodly Capital Gains taxes.

Wash DC home
And yes, it is their third home. They also own a home in Washington, D.C. Where, by the way, Bernie has worked for many years.
It only makes sense that he would have purchased a home in the city where he works, rather than throwing away his money on rent.
The DC house is one bedroom, 896 sq ft.

Which brings us to Bernie and Jane’s Burlington, Vermont home.

In the end, what Bernie and Jane Sanders choose to do with their money is their business and only their business.

Not mine. Not yours. Only theirs.

Bernie Sanders Buys $575,000 Lakefront Vacation Home

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One thought on “Bernie & Jane’s Real Estate

  1. BS! Bernie’s tax returns ARE our business if he’s going to hold himself up as someone who is above corruption! He promised to release ALL of his tax returns BEFORE the 2016 DEM convention in Phily but he only released one year. Why? What’s he hiding? Probably the fact that he pays a rate of around 14%—far less than his fair share & definitely too meager to fund Medicare for all. Hypocrite!


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