Bernie or Bust

Bernie or Bust. What does it mean? More specifically, what it means to me.

First, for the record, let me just get this out of the way: I do not accept anybody else’s definition of what “or bust” means. No web page, no facebook page, and certainly no pledge.

When I first saw the pledge, I did not sign it simply because I thought it belied the entire “or bust” concept. The pledge states, in a nutshell, “We’re Bernie or Bust, but only if it works out well for Bernie; then if, not we desert Bernie and run to Jill.” Hey folks – that isn’t “Bust”. That’s just “Bernie or Jill”. You’re not fooling me.

The true “or bust” terminology had its roots in the movement of pioneers crossing west over rugged terrain. It means:
– or collapse from the effort
– or die trying

Bernie or Bust. It does not mean Bernie or some other alternative thing.


I am Bernie or Bust. I’m with Bernie.





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