Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

What ever happened to “Stronger Together” – the slogan that seemed to be aimed at Sanders supporters so strongly during the convention? I haven’t seen anything about that on your page since then.

Bernie Sanders is encouraging his voters to vote for you. But we’d like to hear from you.

Some of Bernie’s supporters are not willing to vote for you unless/until you reach out to them, and we would also like for you to ask your supporters to do the same. Some of us are not willing to follow Jill Stein. And we are absolutely not going to vote for Trump.

The only thing we are hearing from your people is negativism, and we are not used to that. Telling us to vote blue or else isn’t enough for most of us.

Bernie’s message is one of hope for the future. One of what We can do together to work towards a more progressive goal. The Sanders Institute will educate. Our Revolution will support downline candidates. Both will get more people, especially young people, involved in politics.

I suspect this is why some Berners are turning to Jill Stein. She’s a happy-go-lucky woman who posted all of Bernie’s ideas on social media, then came to the people during the convention like a pied piper, and who presents them with all the positive options. They see her as a panacea of hope.

Sorry. I’m not one of those people. I’m not taking the Dr. Jill Pill. It’s a temporary high with no long term solutions. I know that. But for now, I am stranded in this current election cycle.

Do you think all Berners are bad people? Is that why you’ve deserted us?

It really wouldn’t take that much for you to reach out your hand to Berners and for you to encourage your supporters to do the same. “Stronger Together” is a message that your campaign should still be marketing to all Berners, for the purpose of appearing to build a bridge, if nothing else.

As it stands right now, all we have is “I’ll hold my nose and vote for her.” Is that really what you want?

with her

Long Live the Revolution!


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