On Jill Stein

1) On 08/05/16, Bernie Sanders posted an Op-Ed in the LA Times.
“Going forward and continuing the struggle is what matters. And, in that struggle, the most immediate task we face is to defeat Donald Trump.”
Source: Bernie Sanders’ LA Times Op-Ed

2) I discovered this disturbing blog piece written about Bernie by none other than Jill Stein’s VP Pick, Ajamu Baraka; and I am furious.
On his blog, he said Bernie “was less concerned about actual political reform and more interested in a tacit commitment to Eurocentrism and normalized white supremacy.”
And that “Sanders supporters, are basically just naive shills.”
I don’t like this one iota. And neither should any of my fellow Berners. He wrote this in February, by the way, so it has absolutely nothing to do with Clinton.
Baraka, you arrogant ass. We are anything but naive shills. How dare the Stein campaign take the Sanders campaign talking points, major issues, and even our memes, ride on its coattails, and then tell us WE are the shills?
I have nothing good to say about this man who had the audacity to disparage Bernie Sanders and all Sanders supporters. Nothing.
Here it is. Scroll down to “On Bernie Sanders and his supporters:”
On Bernie Sanders and his supporters

3) I am concerned with the mixed messages Stein sends regarding vaccination. The average citizen is confused by it, and could possibly hesitate to vaccinate due to their confusion.
Her words are not clear or concise. The rumors that she is anti-vax are a direct result of her own words, putting politics first and leaving it open to misinterpretation.
Her first duty is as a physician (not a politician) – to educate and inform, clearly and succinctly. First do no harm.
Vaccinations are important for the prevention and spread of disease. She should state this unequivocally.

Even snopes says, “However, her somewhat equivocal statements surrounding that issue allow for a fair bit of leeway and interpretation..”
“When she was asked “What is your campaign’s official stance on vaccines and homeopathic medicine?”-
Stein responded at length, but she mostly offered her views on the ‘medical-industrial complex’ rather than addressing the subject of vaccinations and homeopathic medicine.”
It appears she desires to remain somewhat vague intentionally, in order to gather the support of both sides of this debate. If this was anyone else, these would be labeled dog whistle comments pandering to anti-vaxers while retaining a level of plausible deniability with respect to a general audience. But it’s Jill, so her followers give her a pass or explain on her behalf.

If she cannot even provide a straight answer as a physician, and she’s putting politics ahead of health, whatever trust or respect I might have once had for her as an individual was lost.

Please refer to my “Hillary Horrifies Me” post regarding First Past The Post to understand why a third party candidate is not viable.
Hillary Horrifies Me

Something about the Stein movement has smelled like opportunism for quite a while now, and with her posting all of Bernie’s content, it has been especially off-putting. She is not Bernie’s “surrogate” and this is not her Revolution.
She lacks the general experience to lead a nation. She lacks any experience in an elective office. She has never served as an elected official. The office of POTUS is not an entry-level position. If the green party wants to get anywhere, they need to start at the grass roots level first. Not at the highest office in the country.

I’ve been watching this unfold, and I’ve decided I’m not taking the Dr. Jill Pill. It’s a temporary high with no long-term solutions. Immediate gratification is like that.
Bernie Sanders is the Founding Father of the American Political Revolution. He’s been working at it for over thirty years and nobody else is going to swoop in and become the leader of the revolution he started.

I’m with Bernie Sanders. I’ve never really wavered. I have always said I would follow his lead if he did not get the nomination. After the convention, I had to grieve for a while. It’s time to move on now. There’s a revolution going on.


Long Live the Revolution!


7 thoughts on “On Jill Stein

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  2. “Bernie Sanders is the Founding Father of the American Political Revolution.” I like that. 😀

    Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka are the alt-left and should be treated as such. The real action is with Our Revolution and our first test is to kill the TPP which Obama and Paul Ryan are going to jam through Congress starting right after Labor Day.

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    • I don’t know Who ur or Where ur from but, you’re NOT FOOLING ME OR ANYONE⁉Hillary’s Trustworthy Trolls Bought & Payed To Lie, Groom Berniecrats, Persuade Bernie To Give her HIS Movement #HillNo! 😄😅😂 Erased 30k Emails Belonging to the Gov, Private Server, Seizures, Adult Diapers, ♿Coughing & Pees Her Winter Pantsuits, Fraudulent Charity & People just Drop Dead, Hellary’s Orders⁉😛HellN🚫 #NeverHillary #RiggedSystem #JillNotHill #DemExit #ElectionFraud #DNCLeak #BernieOrBust 🐦 Maybe Not? Google Luck 🐀 Now Bah Bye 🙋


      • You’re funny-not-funny. The despicable David Brock (Correct the Record) has only been paying trolls for work against Trump since before the end of the primaries, as evidenced on his website. They waste no money on Stein. Why would they, after all?
        And if you bothered to read this page in its entirety, you would have clicked on the “Hillary Horrifies Me” link and learned a little something.
        Who I am and where I live are none of your damn business.. nor should any of that matter. I am a citizen of this USA, and a registered voter.


  3. Ouch to your fall. I hope your knee is feeling better now?And thanks for sharing your thoughts on your stories! I'm really enjoying your vlogs. You know, it makes such a difnfreece being able to hear and see an author talk about their works – I can hear your enthusiasm for writing in your words, see it written on your face. It's that much more personable with the visuals and audio. Great stuff, keep 'em coming.


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